discovery in medicine

Vitamin —————————–F.G.Hopkins, Cosimir Funk Vitamin-D————————————– Mc. Collum Vitamin-A ———————————Mc. Collum Vitamin-B—————————————- Mc.Collum Vitamin-C ———————————Holst Penicillin —————————-Alexander Flemming Vaccine of chicken pox————————- Edward Jenner Polio vaccine——————————– Johan E.Salk BCG ——————————-Guerin Calmatte Streptomycin —————————————–Selman Waksmann Malaria parasite […]

The Sangam Period (1st -3rd Century AD)

The Sangam Period (1st -3rd Century AD) Match List- I with list-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists: List –I (State)                                       List-II(Emblem) A.Chera                                       1.Bow B.Chola                                        2.Tiger C.Pandya                                     3.Fish Codes:       […]